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"Mother-therapy": a method of the professor of psychiatry Boris Drapkin

For a sick baby its mom is a medicine stronger than any pills. She can help him cope with any, even the most serious illness.

One of the most famous children's psychiatrists and psychotherapists, Professor Boris Drapkin, who created a unique psychotherapeutic technique for treating childhood illnesses "Mother-therapy". His method has been developed and patented, approved by the All-Russian Society of Child Psychiatrists and by the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.

What is the essence of this famous method?

There is a very close emotional connection between a young child and its mother, which develops biologically, at the stages of pregnancy and lactation.

Mother's voice becomes something like the inner voice of a small child, so it affects it much stronger than any psychotherapist. Especially if the mother's voice tells the child what it needs the most: maternal love and a sense of security (a kind of psychological placenta).

That is why almost any mother can become the healer for her child.

Drapkin himself speaks of a standards he developed: a basic program consists of four main blocks. First block could be called a "signal of love". This is how a son or daughter is tuned into a common psycho-emotional vibe with her mother. Then comes the "physical block": mother inspires the child with its ideal image, with no defects and illnesses. The next block is neuropsychological. And finally the "block of traditional medicine." An ordinary cold or something much more serious can be cured with this method. At the end comes the block we started with "signal of love": mother confirms her connection with her son or daughter, the naturalness and inviolability of their connection. The child can be calm: it is protected, his mother is with it, she loves it.

Phrases and expressions are carefully selected and are useful to anyone, including a healthy child. You must learn these phrases and speak to your baby every night, waiting for it to fall asleep.


Go to the baby's bed 20-30 minutes after it falls asleep, slightly touch its head or head and say (first mentally, and then out loud) phrase by phrase.

Try to do it slowly, with all the strength of your mother's conviction, as if sending the baby "waves of love".

Repeat the procedure every day. The program is designed for an average of 2 months, but improvements in the condition of the child will begin earlier. It is not recommended changing the wording or rearranging phrases, since this sequence has proved its effectiveness in helping many thousands of children. This is a general program that can be applied in a number of simple cases. An individual program is created and adjusted during treatment by a specialist. The most important thing is to always end with reassurances of boundless maternal love. The whole program is absolutely positive, the word "not" should not be used. You arouse in your baby the desire to be good, happy, healthy and reinforce the belief that this is possible.

Here is the text of the base blocks with a comment by Dr. Drapkin.

♥ 1st block. Vitamin of Maternal Love

"I love you very very much"
"You are the dearest that I have"
"I can not live without you"
"Dad and I love you very much."

♥ 2nd block. Physical health
(Mom mentally imagines the perfect image of her child)
"You are a strong, healthy, beautiful child, my boy (my girl)"
"You eat well and therefore grow and develop quickly" (This phrase works great. Youngsters have good appetite)
"You have a strong, healthy heart, chest, tummy" (There is an prescription to cut off all psychosomatic diseases: asthma, cardiac neurosis, biliary dyskinesia, etc)
"You move easily and gracefully" (All motor disorders are cut off)
"You are hardened, rarely and little sick"

♥ 3rd block. Mental health
"You are a calm boy (girl). You have good strong nerves"
"You are patient, you are kind, you are sociable"
"You are a clever boy. Your head is developing well"
"You understand and remember everything well"
"You are always in a good mood, and you like to smile" (Protecting from childhood depression and a whole group of mental disorders)
"You sleep well"
"You fall asleep quickly and easily, you only see good, kind dreams. You have a good rest when you sleep"
"Your speech develops well and quickly"

♥ 4th block. Emotional effect, cleansing from diseases
"I take and throw away your disease and your difficulties" (Mom further refers to the child's problems specifically)
"I take and throw away your bad dream" (If the child does not sleep well)
"I take and throw away your tearfulness"
"I take away and throw away your dislike of food"
"love you very, very much" (The final phrase)


Health and happiness to you and your children!

Speak these words to your sleeping children, and they will certainly grow up healthy, smart and happy. Dr. Drapkin and I believe this.
Boris Drapkin (1928 - 2006) - one of the most famous child psychiatrists and psychotherapists, awarded the title "Honorary Professor of Psychotherapy".
He originated from Leningrad, survived the blockade, and also a veteran of the World War II.
Boris Drapkin created the country's first teenage psychiatric department.
Since 1962, he is a freelance teacher at the Department of Child and Teenage Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Medical Psychology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.
Until 1996, he was the main child psychotherapist of the Ministry of Health of the Soviet Union and Russia.

Family psychotherapy (a method of psychotherapy with maternal love)

Book of a famous psychotherapist Boris Drapkin is a lecture course developed for psychotherapists and psychologists, which sets out the theoretical and methodological foundations of a new area of psychotherapy: psychotherapy with maternal love. It also discusses the general problems of child psychotherapy, the problem of establishing a diagnosis and choosing the optimal therapy for a particular child.

The author of the book, perhaps for the first time showed not only the causes of developing mental disorders, but also gave real practical ways to prevent and treat them. He showed that one of the most important causes of mental disorders, both in children and in adults, is the deprivation of a child of maternal love.

Also treatment of stuttering is described in this book, which makes it useful for speech therapists.

The lecture style of the book will allow specialists to understand the deep content of method, in order to practically use it both in working with children and when working with patients.

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