Children's Yale-Brown
Obsessive Compulsive Scale
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OBSESSIONS: are thoughts, ideas, or pictures that keep coming into your mind even though you do not want them to. They may be unpleasant, silly or embarrassing.

AN EXAMPLE OF AN OBSESSION IS: the repeated thought that germs or dirt are harming you or other people, or that something unpleasant might happen to you or someone in your family or someone special to you. These are thoughts that keep coming back, over and over again.

COMPULSIONS: are things that you feel you have to do although you may know that they do not make sense. Sometimes you may try to stop from doing them but this might not be possible. You might feel worried or angry or frustrated until you have finished what you have to do.

AN EXAMPLE OF A COMPULSION IS: the need to wash your hands over and over again even though they are not really dirty, or the need to count up to a certain number while you do certain things.
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Aggressive Obsessions
Fear might harm self
Fear might harm others
Fear harm will come to self
Fear harm will come to others (may be because something you did or did not do)
Violent or horrific images
Fear of blurting out obscenities or insults
Fear of doing something else embarrassing
Fear will act on unwanted impulses (e.g. to stab a family member)
Fear will steal things
Fear will be responsible for something else terrible happening (e.g. fire, burglary, flood)
Other (Describe)
Contamination Obsessions
Concern with dirt, germs, certain illnesses (e.g., AIDS)
Concerns or disgust with bodily waste or secretions (e.g., urine, feces, saliva)
Excessive concern with enviromental contaminants (e.g., asbestos, radiation, toxic waste)
Excessive concern with household items (e.g., cleaners, solvents)
Excessive concern about animals/insects
Excessively bothered by sticky substances or residues
Concerned will get ill because of contaminant
Concerned will get others ill by spreading contaminant (aggressive)
No concern with consequences of contamination other than how it might feel
Other (Describe)
Sexual Obsessions
(Are you having any sexual thoughts? If yes, are they routine or are they repetitive thoughts that you would rather not have or find disturbing? If yes, are they:)
Forbidden or perverse sexual thoughts, images, impulses
Content involves homosexuality
Sexual behavior towards others (Aggressive)
Other (Describe)
Hoarding/Saving Obsessions
Fear of losing things
Other (Describe)
Religious Obsessions (Scrupulosity)
Excessive concern or fear of offending religious objects (God)
Excessive concern with right/wrong, morality
Other (Describe)
Magical Thoughts/Superstitous Obsessions
Lucky/unlucky numbers, colors, words
Other (Describe)
Miscellaneous Obsessions
The need to know or remember
Fear of saying certin things
Fear of not saying just the right thing
Intrusive (non-violent) images
Intrusive sounds, words, music, or numbers
Other (Describe)
Somatic Obsessions
Excessive concern with illness or disease
Excessive concern with body part or aspect of appearance (e.g., dysmorphophobia)
Other (Describe)
Washing/Cleaning Compulsions
Excessive or ritualized handwashing
Excessive or ritualized showering, bathing, toothbrushing, grooming, or toilet routine
Excessive cleaning of items; such as personal clothes or important objects
Other measures to prevent or remove contact with contaminants
Other (Describe)
Checking Compulsions
Checking locks, toys, school books/items, etc.
Checking associated with getting washed, dressed, or undressed.
Checking that did not/will not harm others
Checking that did not/will not harm self
Checking that nothing terrible did/will happen
Checking that did not make mistake
Checking tied to somatic obsessions
Other (Describe)
Repeating Rituals
Rereading, erasing, or rewriting
Need to repeat routine activities (e.g. in/out doors, up/down from chair)
Other (Describe)
Counting Compulsions
Objects, certain numbers, words, etc.
Need for symmetry/evening up (e.g., lining items up a certain way or arranging personal items in specific patterns)
Other (Describe)
Hoarding/Saving Compulsion [distinguish from age appropriate magical games]​ ​
(e.g., array of behavior, such as stepping over certain spots on a floor, touching an object/self certain number of times as a routine game to avoid something bad from happening.)
Please, describe, if yes:
Excessive Games/Superstitious Behaviors [distinguish from age appropriate magical games]
(e.g., array of behavior, such as stepping over certain spots on a floor, touching an object/self certain number of times as a routine game to avoid something bad from happening.)
Please, describe, if yes:
Rituals Involving Other Persons
The need to involve another person (usually a parent) in ritual (e.g., asking a parent to repeatedly answer the same question, making mother perform certain meal time-rituals involving specific utensils).
Please, describe, if yes:
Miscellaneous Compulsions
Mental rituals (other than checking/counting)
Need to tell, ask, or confess
Measures (not checking) to prevent harm to self ; harm to others ; terrible consequences
Ritualized eating behaviors
Excessive list making
Need to touch, tap, rub
Need to do things (e.g., touch or arrange) until it feels just right)
Rituals involving blinking or staring
Trichotillomanis (hair-pulling)
Other self-damaging or self-mutilating behaviors
Other (Describe)
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